IVR Runway . Modenschau . Défilé de mode

During the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2013, the Berlin Label Ille von Rott . Finest Nightwear & Hostess Gown, presents its new collection of elegant night and day gowns and gives an understanding about the glamorous signature.


Location: SevenStarGallery Berlin-Mitte
Models: Katryna Martens, Laura Brundrett, Angela Pape, Leonie Jenning, Martha von Mechow, Uma Ritter

Photo: Bettina Hoffmann
Styling: Sutida Vestewig
Dressing: Kristina Schmyarjew
Light: Voxi Bärenklau
Music: Uma Ritter, Raban Renatus


Thank you all for your Creativity & Passion


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